Zon Zonder Schaduw

10 Oct 2022, 13:0018:00, BlueCity

What opportunities does setting up SUNPV industry in The Netherlands offer for circularity and better handling of scarce metals? And how do we get there? The Zon Zonder Schaduw symposium will update, shake up and invite you to use your knowledge, influence and expertise for truly sustainable solar energy. Our pioneers pave the way - or at least possible ways - with their innovative thinking, sketches, technology, products and services.

What opportunities does setting up SunPV industry in NL offer for circularity and better handling of scarce metals? And how do we get there? During and in cooperation with The Solar Biennale, the special event Zon Zonder Schaduw takes place. This event is entirely dedicated to developments around solar energy with a focus on circularity and innovative ways of thinking. The symposium on 10 October marks the start of a large-scale exhibition in BlueCity.

With: Pallas Agterberg, Nieves Espinosa, Thomas Rau, Nynke Sijtsma, Marjan van Aubel, Michiel Mensink, Jan-Jaap van Os, Kevin Verpaalen, Gerard de Leede, Berend Potjer, Malte Vogt, Sandor Gaastra and Chantal Zeegers

  • Opening words: Pallas Agterberg


  • Redesigning chain from development to application of solar energy, from EU, NL and regional perspective - presentations and panel discussion

    - Nieves Espinosa (European commission CTO EU until recently) What is the roadmap Europe is setting out, with regulation, transparency and the route forward?

    - Thomas Rau (architecture firm RAU) Pioneer circular building. On how circularity works for construction and the energy needed for it.

    - Nynke Sijtsma (Director Building Campus) on the about the need for function integration and what this means for technology development.

  • Industry developments - resentation and panel discussion:

    - Marjan van Aubel (Solar Movement and The Solar Biennale) On the Solar Movement's manifesto.

    - Bart Jeroen Bierens (RVO) How (un)sustainable are solar panels? Are there circular alternatives? What does this mean for circular procurement?

    - Gerard de Leede (CTO Solarge) on the development of circular PV panels.

  • Opening exhibition by Berend Potjer (Member of the Provincial Executive of South Holland)


  • Workshop by Malte Vogt (assistant professor TUDelft PV Lab) on the status quo of recycling and other challenges of PV


  • What role can and will the government play in creating a market for solar without shade - Q&A and panel discussion

    - Sandor Gaastra (DG Climate and Energy min EZK). How does EZK view the development of solar energy and what changes can we expect in the way of financing/ SDE+ and perhaps a claim on NGF funds.

    - Berend Potjer on the province's role in the Fair Solar Network.

    - Chantal Zeegers (alderman for Climate, Building and Housing, municipality of Rotterdam) on the developments in the city of Rotterdam and how the municipality contributes to these developments.

  • Wrap up by Pallas Agterberg


About Zon Zonder Schaduw

The transitions to renewable energy sources, a circular economy, and a truly sustainable way of life on our planet are inextricably linked. All of this has to do with the sun. She can bring life, sustain it and threaten it. It rises for nothing and is an indispensable, eternal source of energy. In a post-fossil world today, the sun will play a key role when we talk about transition.

We have fully committed to 'as many solar panels as possible as soon as possible' but are we sure that this course will lead us to a good future? Do solar panels impoverish or enrich our environment and landscape? Are the materials used recyclable? And are the panels produced 'fairly', with respect for people and the environment?

The formentioned questions are essential and need answers very soon if we want to be able to continue using the sun's generous energy for generations. Zon Zonder Schaduw, both the symposium and the exhibition, summarises them in the following 5 objectives:

  • Lifetime at least 30 years - Use as long as possible, more efficiency.

  • 100% circular - No raw materials wasted. Not wasting energy.

  • Fairly made - With respect for people and the environment.

  • Attractive design - Solar panels as part of a pleasant living environment.

  • Accessible to all - Fair and accessible.

It can be done - and there are already people and companies proving it. Pioneers who are leading the way, daring to stick their necks out, trying something new to change the course. Who are working on an environment where solar panels are integrated in a beautiful, smart and multifunctional way, on circular and fair production processes.

Zon Zonder Schaduw is part of and in cooperation with The Solar Biennale. It's organised by the Fair Solar Network in collaboration with Province of South Holland and Design Innovation Group.