The Solar Biennale, an initiative of solar designers Marjan van Aubel and Pauline van Dongen, counterbalances the prevailing technological and economic viewpoints on solar energy. For seven weeks, the biennale focuses on the human angle: a solar-powered world goes beyond scientific research and uniform solar panels, after all. Cultural practices and place-specific energy needs also determine how the post-carbon future will develop. 

The Solar Biennale at Dutch Design Week

We are more than excited to announce our collaboration with V8 Architects, Kameleon Solar, Marjan van Aubel Studio ánd Dutch Design Week. Together we made The Solar Pavilion possible, the final bit of the Solar Biennale, opening during DDW 2022. The 10 x 10 'solar canopy' is imagined as a space to experience the poetic power of the sun. We envisioned this monument to be an energetic meeting place where visitors can experience the sensory nature of solar energy. For this we are developing a public program consisting of different events ranging from solar talks to radiating musical interventions.

Sun in the City

The Solar Biennale reaches out to all the people of Rotterdam with its Sun in the City program. Wherever the sun is shining, together with our partners we bring the sun to Rotterdam and we ask you: what is your relationship with the sun?

Call for applications: how to become a solar designer?

Two Solar Labs on knowledge and innovation in solar design are organized in September and October. The Personal Lab is dedicated to the lens 'Personal', in collaboration with New Order of Fashion and TU/e in Eindhoven and closes 1st of September; the second one focuses on the theme 'Spatial', in collaboration with BlueCity in Rotterdam, with its deadline on 7th of September. Join us!

Publication Solar Futures

We're excited to announce to release of Solar Futures by Marjan van Aubel on September 8th. Solar Futures: How to Design a Post-Fossil World with the Sun explores the future of solar energy and illustrates what we need to know to transition from solar technology to solar design using everyday integrated aesthetic solutions. Beautifully designed by Studio Joost Grootens and published by Jap Sam Books.

Join The Solar Movement

In the transition towards renewable energy, solar design presents one of the greatest hopes. New energy habits, values and rituals appear in this abundant society: the sun always gives, without asking for anything in return. The first The Solar Biennale marks the start of a new international movement; a movement that fosters a new vision of the living environment, in which solar energy occupies a central place.