The Solar Seminar

Buy your tickets for the first event of The Solar Biennale. We invite you to think and discuss with us the potential of our solar future when we don't let technology but (solar) design lead the way. 

The Solar Biennale, an initiative of solar designers Marjan van Aubel and Pauline van Dongen, counterbalances the prevailing technological and economic viewpoints on solar energy. For seven weeks, the biennale focuses on the human angle: a solar-powered world goes beyond scientific research and uniform solar panels, after all. Cultural practices and place-specific energy needs also determine how the post-carbon future will develop. 

Join The Solar Movement

In the transition towards renewable energy, solar design presents one of the greatest hopes. New energy habits, values and rituals appear in this abundant society: the sun always gives, without asking for anything in return. The first The Solar Biennale marks the start of a new international movement; a movement that fosters a new vision of the living environment, in which solar energy occupies a central place.

The 4 lenses of The Solar Biennale

Solar design is much more than a way to provide sustainable energy: Solar Design shapes new relationships between people and their environment. These solar (energy) relations can be explored following different themes (i.e. levels of scale and intimacy and systemic complexity and value)