The world's first Solar Biennale takes place in 2022. A rich program around solar futures built on the power of design consists of Solar Lectures and Solar Labs, various installations, an exhibition in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, the Sun in the City and a true solar pavilion at Dutch Design Week 2022 in Eindhoven.

  • The Solar Pavilion w/ V8 Architects

    22 Oct 2022, 10:0030 Oct, 18:00, Ketelhuisplein, Eindhoven

    The Solar Pavilion is the final piece of the Solar Biennale, opening during Dutch Design Week. Designed by V8 Architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio it is imagined as a space to experience the poetic power of the sun. The pavilion is an energetic meeting place where visitors can experience the sensory nature of solar energy. Opening: 22 October 2022.

  • The Energy Show

    Sun, Solar and Human Power
    3 Sep 20225 Mar, Het Nieuwe Instituut | Rotterdam

    How much energy do we have and need today? This question opens The Energy Show – Sun, Solar and Human Power, an exhibition that can be seen from 3 September 2022 through 5 March 2023 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. The exhibition, put together by curator and designer Matylda Krzykowski and in collaboration with The Solar Biennale, revolves around the sun and its design possibilities.

  • Solar Labs

    Two Solar Labs on knowledge and innovation in solar design are organized in September and October. The first one is dedicated to the theme PERSONAL, in collaboration with New Order of Fashion and TU/e in Eindhoven; the second one focuses on the SPATIAL theme, in collaboration with BlueCity in Rotterdam.

  • SUN in the City

    How can the sun, our most important source of light, be a better and more beautiful part of our daily lives? Our city programme ZON in de Stad reaches out to all the people in Rotterdam, come join us at surprising locations while we squeeze our eyes to slits and turn our gaze to the sun.

  • Solar Installations

    Urban Sun, Sunne Experience and The Circle are solar installations that appear during The Solar Biennale 2022 in different cities and at unexpected locations.

  • The Solar Seminar

    9 Sep 2022, 10:3017:00, Het Nieuwe Instituut | Rotterdam

    The Solar Seminar explores solar futures built on the power of design, what these futures look like and how to make them a reality.