The Solar Pavilion w/ V8 Architects

22 Oct 2022, 10:0030 Oct, 18:00, Ketelhuisplein, Eindhoven
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The Solar Pavilion is the final piece of the Solar Biennale, opening during Dutch Design Week. Designed by V8 Architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio it is imagined as a space to experience the poetic power of the sun. The pavilion is an energetic meeting place where visitors can experience the sensory nature of solar energy. Opening: 22 October 2022.

Like a 'solar blanket' the Solar Pavilion harvests the sun's energy, which is then used to spread the sun's heat in the dark space under the 'solar blanket' by means of infrared radiation. Natural phenomena are connected here with technological innovations, and visitors are offered an impressive experience as they stand half in darkness and half in light. The Solar Pavilion is designed by V8 architects together with Marjan van Aubel Studio, who worked together with Kameleon Solar on the development of a unique set of colorful solar panels.

Sensory experience

Using the latest techniques and aesthetic solar panels, energy and heat are generated on site. This pavilion, of 10 x 10 meters, shows the power and influence of design in the transition to a sustainable sun-driven future. You can simply stand underneath it, undertake a short journey through the roof, or join our program during Dutch Design Week, ranging from a mobile solar film studio on a bike to solar talks and performances (recorded).

The Pavilion in 3 parts
  • The Solar Field

    Standing in the midst of a field of special solar panels, visitor's can experience solar at its best. A short journey through the roof will give you a spectacular experience of color and light. As it should be. Solar as beautiful and radiating materials.

  • The Alcove

    An intimate room that shields and warms the visitor through solar powered infrared panels. Join us here for relaxing moments or to take some time off during hectic days.

  • The Circle

    The Solar Biennale’s Circle moves along with the activities of the Biennale. Under radiating light, it puts reflection at its core through talks and performances. The Dutch Design Week is the last stop of The Circle.

Transforming Solar Technology to Solar Design

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its designed solutions. In our drive to make our planet more sustainable and our hunger for energy we now use roofs and agricultural fields to generate solar energy. This approach increasingly clashes with our landscape and our cities.

Energy currently gets harvested in a techno-functional manner. We want to find a way to make the energy of the sun integrate into our daily lives, so that we can embrace it, love it and enjoy it. - Michiel Raaphorst

Architects, planners and designers should join the conversation and to think about scarcity of materials, space and circularity. In this year's pavilion this is done by forging smart coalitions and working together with material partners on the urgent challenges we face as a society.

Solar energy needs a new perspective, something more personal and that is part of our culture. It's time for Solar design and this Pavillion demonstrates this change. - Marjan van Aubel

Circular through cooperation

V8 architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio previously collaborated on the award-winning Dutch pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai. For Dutch Design Week and the Solar Biennale they collaborated with material suppliers to build a pavilion that combines a “rough” construction with delicate technology. The pavilion consists of four robust steel masts between which a sheet of glass solar panels is stretched. It is fully circular and uses borrowed standard building and energy.