Thursday Night Live! - Material Worlds: Solar

8 Sep 2022, 17:0021:30, Het Nieuwe Instituut | Rotterdam

An evening with MoMA, Marjan van Aubel and Pauline van Dongen

Solar power is one of the great hopes of the so-called clean energy transition to renewables. Material Worlds: Solar brings together designers, experts and citizens to posit viewpoints on solar as a material, not only to envision the sun-powered future, but also to understand the past and present of humanity’s impact on the nonhuman world. Organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut in collaboration with MoMA and moderated by Lindsey Wikstrom and Matylda Krzykowski.

With: Amor Muñoz, Inside Outside, John Perlin, Neel Tamhane, Alice Wong and The Solar Biennale.