Solar Shareholders icw IABR

8 Nov 2022, 18:0021:30, Keilezaal, Rotterdam

What if we could develop a new energy infrastructure based on the democratic power of the sun? What if we could shape our energy security without the burdensome choices of the past or the lobbying of the fossil fuel industry? What could such an energy system of the future look like in Rotterdam? Whose energy is it anyway? How do we organize ownership and governance of this utility of the 21st century? And what does it take to achieve this? On the occasion of the Solar Biennale, the IABR examines the real politics of the energy commons.

Part one
Learnings from the past and present

Paul Bouet (architect, historian) and Nicolas Dorval Bory (architect) will give a lecture on Past Solar Futures, a research into the history of solar energy, technology and the built environment. For a current state of affairs, Siward Zomer (cooperative director Energie Samen) shows what has made collective solar roofs grow and which obstacles still stand in the way.

Part two
Envisioning a solar and commons-based energy infrastructure for Rotterdam (workshop)

It is 2023, we are all cooperant of Energie van Rotterdam and the general meeting of members has to make a number of decisions to achieve the goal of 1.28 million solar panels for all Rotterdammers. How do we reach agreements? How do we, as a cooperation of all Rotterdammers, relate to the representative democracy of municipalities and the municipal executive? Where does the pre-investment come from and what do we do with the government agency? At the end of the evening we’ll have a set of decisions to start a conversation with the community, policy makers and property owners.


Paul Bouet (architect, historian) and Nicolas Dorval Bory (architect), Siward Zomer (cooperative director Energie Samen), Robbert de Vrieze (Delfshaven Energy Cooperatie), Jurgen van der Heijden (senior advisor AT Osborne, research LEAP).

  • Date

    October 25

  • Time

    5 pm – 9 pm

  • Language

    Dutch and English

  • Location

    Keilezaal, Keilestraat 9 K1, Rotterdam

  • Participation

    15 euros including dinner.