Designing a Solar Democracy

What new relationships with the sun does solar design enable?
28 Apr 2022, Pakhuis de Zwijger | Amsterdam
Terug naar Solar Lectures

During the second Solar Lecture by The Solar Biennale we explore the social relations with energy and the sun. The sun is there for everyone to enjoy. But how do we harvest her power in a democratic way?

Can we imagine a society where energy is sourced, owned and distributed like a commons? What can we learn from decentralized, and more inclusive systems where consumers become producers? What would the world look like when solar energy is abundant and which new relationships does solar design enable?

About the speakers
  • Pallas Agterberg

    Pallas Agterberg works on the strategic topics in energy transition and the related societal change and industrial transformation. With a history in organizational change, digital innovation and product development, she has been active in the energy branch since 2001. She works at Alliander as Challenge officer, is Member of Council Rli, Chair of One Planet Research Food and Health and co-founded the Solar Movement and Solar Biennale.

  • Melle Smets

    Melle Smets is a visual and conceptual artist with a broad experience in artistic research and social interventions. As an “archaeologist of the present” Smets explores and interprets society by looking hard at contemporary landscapes. Using existing social structures and local customs as a starting point, Smets presents an alternative view on our landscape and culture. Smets is the founder of the Aardschap foundation, an action-research group that uses methods from arts and science to help communities transform their environment.

  • Eva Pfannes

    Eva Pfannes is an architect and urban designer working in Europe, India and Brazil. She co-founded the international design practice OOZE in 2003 with Sylvain Hartenberg. With OOZE she combines an elaborate understanding of natural, ecological processes, with technological expertise and deep insights in to the social-cultural behaviour of users of the built environment. Eva is co-curator of the ninth edition of the International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam (IABR), DOWN TO EARTH (2020 – 2021). She is the team lead for the City of 1000 Tanks project in Chennai, part of the global Water as Leverage program of the Dutch Government. Her expertise covers urban, participatory and climate resilience strategies including Nature Based Solutions and developing multi system models with an interdisciplinary team.