Solar Seminar

9 Sep, Het Nieuwe Instituut | Rotterdam
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The Solar Seminar explores solar futures built on the power of design, what these futures look like and how to make them a reality.

With Wim Sinke, alderman Chantal Zeegers, Alex Nathanson, Monserat Vallejo, Angella Mackey, Neel Tamhane and many more.

We start from this solar world we all dream of by looking at the bigger picture. Here we emphasize the interconnectedness of humans and nature and our dependence on the sun. We call for a holistic approach, supported by interdisciplinary collaboration, appreciating the cultural dimension of solar energy and the role of Solar Design and incorporating it into the existing dominant economic and technical narratives.

In part twoof the seminar we unpack the various dimensions and scales on which solar energy and our relationships with the sun play out. In doing so, we specify what it takes to build a solar society. We look at concrete examples from practice, ask critical questions and bring diverse views and opinions together through lightning talks, panels and workshops. We share knowledge, create new connections and also look critically at existing approaches and solutions as well as the gaps and blind spots in the transition to a solar society.

During the last part of the Seminar, we formulate concrete directions and share actionable insights to realize these ideas together.

What can you expect? Renowned speakers like Wim Sinke, infamous Dutch solar energy professor, and Chantal Zeegers, alderman for Climate, Building and Housing in Rotterdam, will share their vision on our environment and the transition of city neighbourhoods to solar energy. Get more insight into the benefits and sustainability of solar technology and how sustainable solar can be better used in the design process by following a workshop with designer and artist Alex Nathanson. Participate in a research project of Angella Mackey that aims to make you more aware of your own personal energy consumption. Ánd hear from Neel Tamhane, Solar Strategy Lead at design agency SPACE10 what we can learn about decentralisation and democratisation of clean energy from countries without a grid.

When and where?

Date: 09.09.22

Time: 10:30 - 17:00

Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut