Solar Lab: Spatial

36 Oct, BlueCity | Rotterdam
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This Lab explores the natural integration of solar energy into buildings, other than panels on roofs, and the new "active" building materials and design methods this entails.

Energy systems are typically placed out of sight and operate in the background of our experience. Solar Design opens possibilities for direct, embodied interaction with energy in the everyday living environment. This can make energy more tangible, and while the sun’s energy is abundant, her rhythm also dictates new patterns of use of energy.

  • Assignment

    Design and develop a Solar Design “probe” meant for everyday use that invites a new way of interacting with and experiencing energy, which is built on one of the sun's many qualities.

  • When and where?

    03.10.2022 - 06.10.2022

    BlueCity in Rotterdam

    BlueCity is an international icon of circular economy, a national platform for circular entrepreneurs, and a very visible local accelerator that empowers circular entrepreneurs and inspires citizens.

  • About Solar Labs

    Each Solar Lab is a 4-day intensive program focused on knowledge sharing and knowledge development. The Lab is organized around a central research question that leads the participants to formulate one or more answers through a design probe.

    Each day a different expert will share knowledge through an interactive lecture or workshop. Next to these sessions, participants are invited to experiment hands-on with solar materials and applications resulting in the creation of a Solar Design “Probe”.

    Participants will engage in a design process using the materials and tools made available to them. Mentors and experts are invited to provide inspiration, guidance and reflection to the group of participants.

    The Labs are well documented through photography and video, in order for the process and results to be shared with the wider public during DDW ‘22.